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ASIS Chapter 59 Committee’s

 Traditionally, the Chapter Committee Chair's are appointed by the Chapter Chairperson to serve a term concurrent with the Chairperson. Generally, committees are established to assist the Chapter Executive Committee in the operation of one or more aspects of the chapter. 

The ASIS Chapter Chair has established the following committee’s to serve the membership through identification of information regarding security issues in their specific concentration. In addition, ASIS Chapter 59 Committee’s provide support to, and enhancement of, ASIS educational programs and materials designed to meet the needs of professionals with specific security concerns and issues inherent to a specific industry.

The ASIS Chapter 59 Committee’s provide a vital link between practitioners and the Chapter to ensure that only the most relevant and latest information on security practices is made available for members.

Are you interested in sharing your talents, expertise, and knowledge with like-minded colleagues? Consider joining an ASIS Chapter 59 Committee. Volunteer opportunities await when you contact your ASIS Council of interest.

Although the number of committees required to accomplish the work of the chapter is in direct relation to the number to members, too many committees can become counterproductive. Establish committees only as the need arises and periodically review them to determine if each is still performing a useful function. If not, eliminate it.


Membership Committee - Jeff Jones

Programs Committee - Chris Lee

Legislative Representative - Open

ASIS Foundation / Grant Representative - Open

Certification Representative - Gary Miller

Placement Committee - Open

Law Enforcement Liaison Committee - Open 

Military Liaison Committee - Mike Reiner

Website Committee - Gary Miller

Private Security Services Council Representative - Garrett Packett

Young Professionals  Liaison - Dwain Whitehead

Scholarship Representative Committee - Open

Sergeant in Arms - Greg Swafford

Law Enforcement Appreciation Event Committee - Open

Women in Security - Open