Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I join ASIS?

Individuals interested in joining ASIS may apply for membership online or complete a PDF version of the membership application and fax it to +1.703.519.6298 or mail it to: ASIS International, 1625 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA. You may also call Member Services at +1.703.519.6200 and request an application be mailed to you.

Membership approval takes approximately one week.

Do you offer corporate memberships?

No, ASIS is a society of individual members.

How can I update my member contact information if I change jobs or move?

Members may update their information online after logging in with their user ID and password. Changes can also be sent to Member Services via fax at +1.703.519.6298 or emailed at [email protected].

How do I change chapters?

Send an email to [email protected] indicating which chapter you wish to transfer your affiliation to and it will be changed in the ASIS database.

How do I join an ASIS Council?

ASIS members must log on to the Web site with their user ID and password in order to submit an application. The council will then contact you directly to discuss the process for joining that particular council. Please remember that serving on a council is a working position, not an honorary one.

How much of my membership dues are tax-deductible as a business expense?

Membership dues paid to ASIS International and its chapters (if applicable) may be tax deductible as an ordinary business expenses; however it is estimated that 5% of your membership dues are not deductible due to lobbying activities on behalf of our members.

Does ASIS provide liability insurance?

ASIS International does not have a professional liability insurance program or other insurance programs for member.

General Information

What does ASIS stand for?

Founded in 1955 as the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the organization officially changed its name in 2002 to ASIS International. This new name preserves our history while better reflecting the growth and expansion of the society to more than 37,000 members around the world, representing all facets of the security profession.

In conjunction with the name change, the ASIS Board of Directors adopted a new logo that symbolizes inclusiveness and forward-thinking, with the tagline "Advancing Security Worldwide."

Is ASIS a nonprofit?

ASIS International is a not-for-profit organization. It disseminates information and educational materials to enhance security knowledge, practice, and performance.

ASIS International is classified under IRS section 501(c)(6), which is described as a professional association. Contributions or gifts to ASIS International are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Dues payments and other educational purchases may be deductible as ordinary business expenses.

The ASIS Foundation, a nonprofit organization, operates as a research and educational organization. It is classified under IRS section 501(c)(3), which is described as a charitable organization. Contributions or gifts to the ASIS Foundation are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

The ASIS Foundation undertakes programs and projects for advancement of the security profession and delivers effective programs in the field of security protection and loss prevention.

What is your Federal Tax ID Number?

The Federal Tax ID Number for ASIS International is 53-0234507.

The Federal Tax ID Number for the ASIS Foundation is 52-0848090.

Can I buy your mailing list?

The ASIS mailing list is available for a fee only to companies that meet minimum requirements that include exhibiting at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits and/ or advertising in ASIS publications. If there is no previous relationship with ASIS, then the mailing list cannot be made available. For specific details and eligibility requirements, please contact [email protected].

How can I find out about career opportunities in security?

ASIS members will find a wealth of useful resources in the ASIS Career Center, including free resume postings, salary negotiation tips, and valuable career development tools. The ASIS publication Career Opportunities in Security provides additional information on trends and developments in security industry careers.

Logo Usage

May I use the ASIS logo on my business cards and/or company brochure or Web site?

No. As stated in Policy 1070 of the ASIS Policies and Procedures Manual, the ASIS Board of Directors has specified that the logo may be used by the organization only, and may not be used for any commercial venture, including personal business cards, company brochures, or Web sites. In addition, because ASIS is an individual-based organization, not a company-based association, it would be improper to depict the ASIS logo in a way that might suggest that any company was a member of ASIS. You may, however, state in writing that you are a member of ASIS International.

Where can I find information on the proper use of the logo for my council or local chapter?

Volunteer leaders seeking information on the appropriate use of the ASIS logo may log in to access the Graphics Usage Guide. Information is provided on a wide variety of logo usage issues, including stationary guidelines, when to use the official graphic and tagline, using logos in collateral and advertising, and incorporating country and region names in the logo. Instructions for Web use are also included.

May I use the ASIS logo if I am an exhibitor at the Seminar?

No. You may, however, use the Seminar logo. It is downloadable from the Seminar section of the ASIS Web site and is usually available six months prior to the Seminar.

Certifications - Credentials

Are certification and licensure the same thing?

Certifications and licenses are NOT the same. A license is issued by a government and allows one to practice a profession. In fact, it may be a criminal act to practice without a license. Though typically not required by law, certification lets the public know that a practitioner has been professionally recognized by a credentialing agency. It is also a sign of support for the profession and the standards set by the credentialing organization.

How do I determine which certification is best for me?

There is no one way to determine which (if any) ASIS certification suits you. That said, the CPP (Certified Protection Professional) is designed for security managers, the PCI (Professional Certified Investigator) is designed for investigators, and the PSP (Physical Security Professional) is designed for those in the physical security field.

I have already successfully obtained one ASIS certification. Is it necessary to apply for one or both of the other designations as well?

Since each of the three certifications are designed for a specific type of security professional (security manager, investigator, or physical security professional), in general only one will be right for you. There are, however, people who have chosen to obtain more than one ASIS designation. Typically these are CPPs who want to demonstrate not only Security Management expertise, but also specific, specialized knowledge of physical security or investigations.

I have a great deal of experience in Security Management/investigations/physical security. Why do I have to take an examination to prove my competence?

The ASIS Professional Certification Board feels strongly that examination is an essential component of our certifications. The CPP, PCI, and PSP exams were designed by qualified test development professionals and according to internationally accepted procedures. Just as important, Security Management, investigations, and physical security professionals determined the questions and contents of the exams, so that the tests accurately reflect the knowledge and skills valued in the security industry.

Every individual's experience is different and there is no way of quantifying it except through examination. Furthermore, the practice of awarding certifications through experience alone is not accepted by accrediting organizations in the certification field, and ASIS wishes to maintain the highest possible credibility for its certification programs.

Does the fact that more individuals are obtaining ASIS certifications dilute their value?

The value of our certifications will not be diluted as long as the knowledge measured and the scoring parameters are consistent from year to year. The most likely effect of more individuals holding the designations is greater public awareness of the meaning of the designation and the recognition of its value by security professionals like you.

Does ASIS plan to introduce any other certifications in the near future?

At present, ASIS and the Professional Certification Board are concentrating on promoting and supporting the CPP, PCI, and PSP designations. Preparing new certifications takes an enormous amount of time and effort to develop the areas for testing, identify references, create and validate questions, etc. A large number of potential exam candidates are also a requirement, of course.

Many people have suggested that ASIS should offer certifications in the rapidly growing computer/network security field. Our research into computer security indicates that there are several successful organizations and certifications already in existence. At this time it would be difficult to provide a new and unique certification in the computer security arena when so much is already in place.

Does ASIS include other organizations' credentials when listing speakers?

Yes. ASIS includes other organizations' credentials when listing speakers in promotional materials for our educational programs and annual Seminar. Although the Seminar's educational sessions are presented by a high preponderance of CPPs and those with other ASIS credentials, we do recognize other security or professional designations. We believe that security-related credentials enhance the authority of the speaker and help attract attendees to a session because of the demonstrated competence that the credential implies.

ASIS also includes information in narrative form about other credentials earned when a member submits that information to Dynamics, our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

With regard to listing other certifications in the ASIS membership directory, we include only our own credentials, as there is no way to validate the accuracy of the information. We have begun, however, to collect information about non-ASIS certifications on our membership application.

I didn't receive a confirmation email from ASIS after I submitted my certification application online. Did it go through?

After receiving an application online for the CPP, PCI or PSP examinations, the system should send you an email confirming receipt of the information you provided. If you do not receive this email, either the system does not have your correct email address or the application did not go through. Please contact the certification program office if you have any questions or problems related to online applications.

Who should I contact if I'm having trouble accessing modules for the CPP Online Review Program for which I registered?

BP Technologies should be contacted directly with all access problems for the online review course. The company can be reached at +1.860.828.5650.

ASIS Standards and Guidelines

How can I become involved in the ASIS Standards and Guidelines process?

The two main ways to become involved are by participation on a Standards or Guidelines Committee or by providing comments on a draft through the public review process.

What is the process for Standards and Guidelines development?

When the ASIS Commission on Standards and Guidelines (the governing body which directs and oversees the development of the standards and guidelines initiatives) initiates a new project, the ASIS Secretariat notifies all ASIS Councils, Standards and Guidelines committee members, and the general public. An extensive reach-out effort is conducted to establish a committee and notice is posted on the ASIS Web site's home page and the Standards and Guidelines activities page. Notice is typically available for several weeks, and people interested in serving on the committee are asked to submit a response form.

After all response forms are received, the composition of the committee is determined, keeping in mind various factors, including the applicant's knowledge of the subject of the standard or guideline, establishing diversity within the committee, obtaining support from the applicant's employer, and adhering to specific balance requirements across interest categories. Additionally, a Commission liaison is established within each committee to oversee the development of the standard or guideline.

A draft document is developed and evaluated at the working group (WG) and full committee levels, until the document has reached a mature enough state for voting and public review consideration. A 45-day public review period is announced via the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Action and/or the ASIS public review.

Comments must be submitted on the ASIS Comment Form. After the comment period has expired, the committee will evaluate each comment and make recommendations for resolution. If no substantive changes result as part of the comment review process, the draft will be submitted for approval.

Educational Programs

Where can I find a listing of all the ASIS programs for the year?

View a calendar listing of all ASIS education programs.

How do I become a speaker for an ASIS conference (Seminar, international conferences)?

Submit an abstract of your presentation online. All submissions are peer-reviewed by a committee of ASIS members which convenes annually, prior to each event, and selects speakers.

What is the ASIS Speakers Bureau listed on the ASIS Web site?

The ASIS (online) Speakers Bureau lists people who have participated as speakers at ASIS events, educational programs, and/or the Annual Seminar and received at least a 3.5 rating or higher on their session evaluations, based on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being excellent). The database at present contains approximately 2,700 listings, ranging from November 1995 to present. Access to the Speakers Bureau is password protected. Should you need a suggestion for a speaker and not have access to this section, please call John Lechner at +1.703.518.1429.

ASIS Publications

Where should I send press releases about my company, organization, or products?

Press releases on company/organization and/or product news should be sent to Sherry Harowitz, Editor-in-Chief, Security Management, at [email protected].

How do I send ASIS member-related news to Dynamics?

Information on individual members, chapters, and councils, as well as short articles about special events—other than on the chapter level????should be sent to Ann Longmore-Etheridge, Editor, Dynamics, at [email protected]. Photos are welcomed with all submissions.

How do I submit an article for Security Management?

Instructions for writing and submitting an article for Security Management are provided in the Writer's Guidelines found along the left-hand navigator on

All articles should be submitted directly to Sherry Harowitz, Editor-in-Chief, Security Management, at [email protected].

How do I sign up for Security Management Daily?

Go to Publications or Membership on this Web site for log in and sign up.

How do I obtain missing issues of Security Management magazine?

ASIS will only ship unfulfilled issues of Security Management if notified within 90 days of the cover issue date. Please contact ASIS at [email protected].

Contact Emails for Specific Inquiries at ASIS

Generic member and nonmember questions: [email protected]
Certification issues: [email protected]
Council issues: [email protected]
Education issues: [email protected]
Exhibits issues: [email protected]
ASIS Foundation queries: [email protected]
Information /Research requests for Information Resources Center: [email protected]
Marketing issues: [email protected]
Public Relations queries or issues dealing with the media: [email protected]
Inquiries about ASIS job postings: [email protected]
Inquiries about POA Manual: [email protected]
Inquiries about Security Industry Buyers Guide: [email protected]
Inquiries about SIBG Salary Survey: [email protected]
Inquiries about Security Management Daily and Weekly Newsletters: [email protected]