ASIS Omaha Chapter 59 Scholarship Policy

These scholarships provide matching funds for an education award to a chapter member or undergraduate or graduate student seeking a security career. If a scholarship is awarded to a chapter member, the Foundation doubles the chapter's award, up to $1,000. If a scholarship is awarded to a student, the Foundation matches the amount up to $500. The Foundation funds Chapter Matching Scholarships limit one per calendar year.


A scholarship may be awarded to an ASIS member or a full and part-time student who have completed one year of study at an accredited college or university, and seek a career in the security profession. The ASISOmaha chapter sets the grade-point-average requirement for the undergraduate student award. A graduate student must earn at least a 3.0 out of a possible 4.0.

Chapter Matching Scholarship recipients are also eligible for the Regional Vice Presidents' (RVP) Award. Each year, RVPs select one $500 scholarship winner from the Chapter Matching Scholarship awardees. It is the AsisOmaha chapter's responsibility to submit winning applications to the RVP. The ASIS Foundation fully funds the award.

Application Process

Students must submit a signed application form, offical transcript, and letter of recommendation from a faculty member to their sponsoring chapter. ASISOmaha Chapter must complete and sign the "Chapter Statement" form and forward the complete application packet to ASIS International via mail or by email. All scholarship applications must be submitted no later than November 30 of the calendar year to be eligible for a Foundation matching grant.


The Foundation encourages mid-career security professionals to complete undergraduate degrees and to pursue part-time graduate programs or professional development courses. Financial need is not a factor in the selection process; rather, the award is meant to recognize achievement and ability. Contact your chapter chair for details.

In order for ASISOmaha to participate in the scholarship program, all scholarship contributions must be made through the ASIS Foundation. The Foundation will return a check made out to the chapter award winner. Please allow at least three weeks for processing and return of the check.

Selection Process

Chapters select winners at the local level. Once a chapter submits the winning application and a check for their portion of the scholarship to the ASIS Foundation, the award winner qualifies for a matching award, if eligible, under Foundation selection criteria.

Contact Information
If you have questions, contact a Chapter Board Member.