Website Committee

Chairperson - Gary Miller

Traditionally, the Website Committee should be composed of at least two chapter members and the chapter treasurer at a minimum, but should be no larger then five total members. 


 The scope of the committee’s responsibilities will be:

1. Provide oversight by reviewing the website content to ensure it conforms to the approved Website Policies, as approved by ASIS.

2. Advise on the overall design, direction, priorities and content of the website.

3. Select a web team that will do the design, build and day-to-day maintenance of the website. Review and approve designs and updates with the web team, and Committee Chairs as appropriate.

4. Review and approve the design and implementation of the security process used to protect the private section of the site.

5. Review and evaluate the performance of the website hosting provider, domain registrar and web team, and provide feedback and suggest changes as needed.

6. Periodically review the Website Policies and suggest changes as needed.




1. The committee will meet at a frequency to be decided by the committee itself. Notice of meeting times will be communicated to the chapter and Website Committee members.

 2. The committee may designate a meeting open to the membership during a Chapter Meeting. The committee chair may approve the invitation of an outside guest.

 3. The committee, in coordination with the web team and the Chapter officers, will respond to questions about the website from the membership, and if appropriate, from the public.

 4. The Committee Chair, and in their absence, the Committee Vice Chair, will assure that the Chapter is kept abreast of committee activity by presenting written reports on this Website Committee web page. 

 5. The committee will consider agenda items in the committee's scope. All committee recommendations, along with any expected budgetary impact, will be presented to the Chapter Board of Directors.

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