Young Professionals Liaison - Nick Lemek

The Young Professionals Liaison is a chapter board position appointed by the chapter chair.

  1. Provide the identification and recruitment of Young Professionals within the chapter,
  2. Coordination of Young Professionals communication and events within the chapter,
  3. Bridging of the chapters Young Professionals with the larger ASIS Young Professionals group to further the group's mission.

Growing numbers of young professionals are entering the security industry as a first career. To meet the demands of these emerging careerists, ASIS International established the Young Professionals group.

The goal of this special networking group is to develop confident, competent future security leaders. Among the tools used to accomplish this mission are:

  • Compelling education
  • Interactive online and in-person networking forums
  • Distinctive mentoring

The Young Professionals group leverages the depth and reach of the ASIS membership to develop and deliver a host of resources—each one designed to specifically to meet the needs of young security careerists.  Get Involved

While a young professional is typically defined as a member who is less than 40 years of age or who has spent fewer than five years in the security profession, we encourage participation from anyone passionate about this initiative, regardless of age or experience.

Benefits of Group Participation

  • Strategic networking – Build your professional network by meeting other young professionals and industry leaders.
  • Valuable mentoring – Grow and strengthen your career with the guidance of established ASIS member practitioners.
  • Targeted education – Acquire new knowledge and information relevant to your career through customized educational forums.
  • Enhanced communication – Keep updated on the latest in ASIS initiatives.
  • Subject Matter Expertise Resources – View a complete listing of Subject Matter Experts in your field (ASIS Members only). 

Getting involved...

The first step to getting engaged with the group is to contact your local chapter Young Professionals Liaison. If your chapter does not have one appointed, speak with the chapter chair.