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It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I have paid for and placed this Sponsor position for my ASIS Omaha Chapter.

It is quite evident to most that ALL Triple Crown Earners have and continue to spend countless hours as ASIS Volunteer Leaders.

Out of 38,000 ASIS members worldwide, it is hard to fathom that only around ½ of 1 percent of ASIS members have SPENT THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS TO EARN ALL THREE  ASIS Certifications.

These security professionals continuously dedicate their time to ASIS and have always proven to be great mentors and invaluable resources for their chapters. These professionals are leading by example, and ASIS International hopefully understands and appreciated all their hard work and dedication.




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Gary has over 47 years of experience working in the security industry, working many diverse security positions to include retail loss prevention, uniformed armed & unarmed guard, shift supervisor, site supervisor, contract security account manager. Gary has spent the last 20 years performing physical security risk assessments, as well as the implementation, application, design, and integration of physical security systems and physical security measures, As the Physical Security Systems Administrator responsible for ensuring all physical security systems remain operational and fully functional for the Corporate Security & Safety Team of First National Buildings, Inc., a First National Nebraska, Inc. company.

Gary’s leadership roles in the Chapter are highlighted below in chronological order:


1999 – Present Omaha Chapter Webmaster

2001 – 2008 Omaha Chapter Newsletter Editor

2003 – 2006 Omaha Chapter’s Secretary

2007 – 2009 ASIS Assistant Regional Vice President (ARVP)

2008 – Present Omaha Chapter Certification Representative

2010 – 2014 ASIS Regional Vice President for Region 2A (RVP)

2016 - Present  Omaha Chapter Treasurer


As can be seen above, during his first year as an ASIS member, Gary personally bought the domain name (he has and continues to keep the domain active), then built and hosted at his expense the first Omaha Chapter’s web site.

Gary’s held the office of Secretary for the Omaha ASIS Chapter from February 2003 through 2006.

He became an ASIS Assistant Regional Vice President for Region 2A and earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation on January 2, 2007.

Since 2008, Gary has been the Omaha Chapter’s Certification Representative and is developing, updating, and leading APP, CPP, PSP, and PCI multi-sessions certification review courses each year for the Omaha Chapter of ASIS logging over 120+ volunteer hours, just as the Certification Chair each year.





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